What are teachers looking forward to over the summer holidays? TeachTogether responses

Proud to Teach
Author: Cat Scutt

Teachers shared things they are looking forward to in the summer via our text service, TeachTogether

TeachTogether is a free service from the Chartered College of Teaching and The Behavioural Insights Team, which sends one text a week to support teachers’ wellbeing. You can find out more here. In one week’s message, we asked teachers to tell us what they were looking forward to in the summer holidays – here’s what you told us!

I’m looking forward to getting lost reading a decent book.
Seeing my parents, I’ve not seen them since October and going to a church service
Not having a school bell and being able to use my time spontaneously!
Not filling in DfE returns, not waking up in the middle of the night worrying about risk assessments, not reading DfE updates scanning for something that has changed… when the email came through that Center Parcs was reopening, it was the most amazing feeling. A real break. Spending quality time with the family where I’m not teetering on the edge. 3pm next Wednesday will feel more special than usual.
Spending time with my elderly mom
I’m looking forward to climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales, to rise above all the cares and pressures below.
Just switching my brain off and relaxing with my family.
Spending time with my own children.
Developing a routine that incorporates exercise and healthy eating, it’s been such a whirlwind!
No longer hunching over a laptop for long hours. Hopefully, a break from neck pain and migraines!
Time to reflect on the past four months …the challenges that were faced but also the many positive experiences gained.
Just to take a break and not have to think about school.
Switching the alarm off!
Not being in the #teacher5oclockclub every morning! There will be other things but at the moment so tired that’s all I can concentrate on – sleep!
Slow mornings with pancakes for breakfast 🥞💜
Surfing is one thing I love even more than Chemistry
I will be finishing off my EdD thesis on Pupil premium.
Just stopping to breathe and look around us.
I’m looking forward to not having to switch my laptop on every day and instead I will be able to concentrate on spending quality time with my family.
No agenda whilst relaxing with my hubby.
I’m really looking forward to time to focus inwards and “self repair” – I know that if I am able to look after others effectively I need to spend time looking after myself
Moving house! So not sure I’ll get a rest but it’s exciting and moving school will recharge me!
Sleeping without worrying about getting up. Having a computer free day!
Not having to base life around school day ie. get up when I want, watch tv if I want.
Being able to sit back and reflect on what has happened during this uncertainty and how we can move forward- Shanika Weekes
Spending proper time with my children!
I’m looking forward to visiting Copenhagen to reminisce my student days, and a much needed family trip to Scotland. Rest and recharge is definitely my number one priority!
I am hugely looking forward to spending quality time with my three year old son without feeling torn and I can give my full attention and bathe him in love and language.
Being away from my laptop!
I am looking forward to being in the hills, away from screens, with time to unwind.
Peace and family time Time to read
Time with family, friends a good book and to rediscover myself!
Seeing the sea!
Switching off work emails!
Seeing my nan!
No timetable!
A holiday in Scotland as it will be time to connect with the sea while on a family adventure
Not having to power up my laptop at the same time as the kettle for my early morning cuppa!
Looking forward to having an actual break from work; it’s been non-stop!
I’m looking forward to not having to check my emails every morning!
Walking in the Lake District
Spending time with my daughter 🙂
Not having to check emails!
Spending some quality time with my husband. Going for day trips to places we don’t normally get the chance to go to.
Going for long walks and exploring some new places. I’ve set myself the challenge of walking up Snowdon so that will help me to focus too!
Days with no agenda
Staying at home and not mixing with so many children and adults.
I would love a few day in the forest🌳 and a bit of a soothing jazz music. 😊
Headspace to think. Lazy mornings, catching up with friends and family and time to focus on my health and wellbeing. A complete reboot.
Down time with my family. I need a break.
Managing my own time without the constraints of the online teaching timetable
Sleep and more sleep 😀
Spending time with my family bubble and reading for pleasure 😃
Not staring at a screen all day. 😁
Time with my family. Reading for pleasure. Exercising outdoors.
Camping with my children in the back garden
Relaxing by the sea
1. Seeing friends and family 2. Being creative with crafts
Turning off my laptop. 😊
Seeing my daughter! She lives 150 miles away & I usually visit every school holiday. I’ve not seen her since February half term.
To recharge my brain so that it can think more slowly and deeply. To sleep soundly having read a book or drunk some fine wine and not through sheer exhaustion To look at the sea as it rolls in and out unimpeded by face mask or hand gel or distancing
Relax on the beach reading a nice book until sunset
I’m looking forward to time away from my laptop, relaxing with my family and focusing on the positives that can be found at this challenging time.
Time with family watching the sunrise in Cornwall – bliss! ❤
A bit of sunshine. A lay-in. A good book to read. Lots of sunshine.
I will endeavour to read an adult text which is fiction as opposed to children’s literature or adult non fiction work related.
My daughter has worked extremely hard over the school closure, being an autonomous learner while I was drafted in to teacher Year 1s. I’m enjoying spending quality time together and we have booked a girls trip to York- can’t wait!
I’ve taken up a job in the UK and so I’m moving from COVID-free Guernsey back into the pandemic. I’m looking forward to the whole thing being over.
I will endeavour to read an adult text as opposed to children’s books.?
Buying my first house and visiting friends.
Having time to do things that are not school related.
I’m looking forward to a chance of properly switching off for a bit…it will be incredible tough, but a few days of no emails, no Instagram or Facebook and some quality time with my dog should do the trick! I also have lots of exciting sewing projects and new baking recipes to try…and the devouring of the baked good too obviously!!!
I am looking forward to sitting outside and catching up with my non-school reading list. Summer is where I get most of my reading done, as an English teacher the rest of my year is reading texts I am/will be teaching or that I want to include in the curriculum.
Hoping I will actually get away but worried if the Leicester lockdown continues may have no chance for a real break.
Having some time away from a computer or tablet screen.