Research Reviews

Levelling the playing field and promoting social mobility

We see those divisions taking many forms: family income, social class, race, gender and across…

Research Reviews

The benefits of being part of a Professional Learning Network

Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) represent any group engaging in collaborative learning with those outside their…

Research Reviews

Can you see me now? Reflections on effective seating plans

Having worked at the same school for almost two decades, I have witnessed many changes…

Research Reviews

Dandelion and orchid children – can you tell which is which?

I am a research scientist based at the University of East London, who receives funding…

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Research Reviews

A digest of what recent commentators have said about assessment.

This digest takes teachers through a range of works from a new ‘generation’ of education…

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Research Reviews

How has Lesson Study been translated outside Japan?

Translated from the Japanese words jugyou (instruction or lesson) and kenkyuu (research or study), Fernandez…

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Research Reviews

The impact of TA support in mainstream schools

The number of teaching assistants (TAs) in schools has trebled since 2000, largely in response…

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Research Reviews

Ideas on effective classroom practice: teachers versus students

A great deal of work is going into ensuring that teachers are not only aware…

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Research Reviews

Our peer tutoring project had benefits beyond improved maths

Ravensthorpe Primary School is a diverse school and its pupils come from a wide range…

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Research Reviews

Creating a classroom environment where pupils explore ideas

Feedback that opens up thinking and discussion involves engaging with responses to questions and offering…

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Research Reviews

How early-career teachers can develop resilience

The abiding challenge of our times in schools is to recruit, train and retain our…

Criminal justice education children
Research Reviews

A model for supporting Looked After Children in education

This study examines trainee teachers’ and mentors’ perspectives and experiences to conclude how specific training…