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Creating an inclusive school climate for refugee students

Across the globe, large-scale conflicts and the fear of persecution force people to flee their homes and take refuge in another country. The recent war in Ukraine, for example, has resulted in the arrival of millions of refugees in neighbouring countries. In all cases, school-age children are among the new arrivals, meaning that host countries need to find ways to integrate them into the local school system.

But how can this be done effectively? This webinar on World Refugee Day will look at what is needed to help arriving students feel safe, included and able to participate in the schools of their host countries. We’ll address the specific challenges refugee students face, as well as the support teachers need to help these students, and discuss which types of programmes work best.

Jun 20, 2022 03:00 PM in Paris / 2pm BST


June 20, 2022
2:00 pm
- 3:00 PM

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