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Engaging with education research: With a little help from the system

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Research evidence in education serves as a compass, guiding decisions on educational progress, equity and resource optimisation. Overcoming the challenges of harnessing research evidence in education for policy makers and practitioners involves fostering a culture of research engagement, as the OECD’s Strengthening the Impact of Education Research project explores.

Join our Q&A webinar to learn about crucial system-level elements, including resources, incentives, structures and processes, and the need for systems approaches to knowledge mobilisation. Discover real-world examples and insights from our experienced guests, on strategic implementation of systemic enablers, navigating challenges and the influential role played by leaders.

Speakers include:
Matthew Soldner, Commissioner, National Center for Education Evaluation and Chief Evaluation Officer at the U.S. Department of Education
Makito Yurita, Professor, National Institute for School Teachers and Staff Development, Japan
Elaine Munthe, Director, Knowledge Centre for Education, Norway
Vicky Colbert, Executive Director, Fundación Escuela Nueva Volvamos a la Gente, Columbia
Jordan Hill, Analyst, OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Moderated by Tal Malkin, Strengthening the Impact of Education Research project, OECD


January 26, 2024
1:00 pm