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Expert-led Webinar: Understanding the role of unions in the Citizenship Studies curriculum

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This webinar will develop your understanding of the role of unions in terms of citizens participation and the rights and the legal system. This is a core area of all GCSE specifications and an important part of any Citizenship curriculum.

During this session, we will provide a detailed overview regarding the history of and role of trade unions and how these act as an important part of the democratic process. We will discuss the outreach opportunities open to schools regarding Trade Union education, which schools can take part in, which also links to active citizenship projects, political education, antiracism education and much more.

This session will be led by Mary Sayer, who will be sharing her expertise as the Unite in Schools National Coordinator. She will help participants understand the key knowledge regarding union education and the examination specification.

You will leave the session with:

  • An understanding of how to teach the role of trade unions in the GCSE specification
  • An understanding of the history of trade unions
  • Access to the Unite Schools programme


May 3, 2022
4:45 pm
- 5:45 PM
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