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Treescapes ‘Voices of the Future’: The story of the Manchester Poplar Tree

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Treescapes ‘Voices of the Future’ project at Manchester Metropolitan University, present an event for teachers of English and Science

The Black Poplar is one of the UK’s rarest native trees and an extraordinary symbol for Manchester. The tree’s remarkable tolerance to industrial pollution meant that it was widely planted in the late nineteenth century and, in the 1930s, The Government and Manchester Parks and Cemeteries Committee hired men to plant saplings as part of an Unemployment Relief Works programme. In 2000, an airborne fungus led to the death of many of the city’s Black Poplars; but, eighteen years later, Manchester City of Trees launched a project to plant native black poplars as part of the charity’s wider campaign to deliver a green recovery and to tackle the climate emergency head on.

This event will provide practical ideas and useful resources for teachers of English and Science, and may also be of interest to teachers in other disciplines, including Drama, Geography and History. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to discussion about the creation of a new, place-based curriculum that examines Manchester’s past and imagines its potential futures.

Registration from 9.30am.


May 16, 2022
9:30 am
- 3:00 PM

Science and Industry Museum, Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4FP
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