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Richard Harris is a Professor of Education at the University of Reading, where his main responsibility is as School Director of Teaching and Learning. His research interests largely centre on different aspects of history education. Most recently his work has focused on the nature of the history curriculum (in terms of its purpose and content), how young people engage with the history curriculum, and the decisions history teachers make about what the curriculum should cover.

Richard started teaching in 1989 and taught in schools for 16 years before moving into teacher training and research. Richard was part of the working party that devised the 2008 History National Curriculum, was a member of the Historical Association’s secondary committee for 15 years and has worked extensively with the Council of Europe on projects focused on teacher training and history education.

The session will explore why the history curriculum should be decolonised, and will explore some of the issues that hinder teachers’ ability and willingness to do this, including the issue of ‘white privilege’. The session will look at how teachers can approach planning by asking questions about the nature of the curriculum we want to develop and materials and resources that can facilitate this. There will be a particular focus on how to engage children with the past.

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February 11, 2021
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4:30 pm - 5:45 pm
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Chartered College Network