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In our report ‘Education in the time of crisis: The potential implications of school closures for teachers and students’ we considered what we could learn from past crises about the potential implications of school closures and the crisis more widely for students’ learning and student as well as teacher well-being. While we can learn a lot from past crises, it is equally important to consider how the current unprecedented circumstances are affecting teachers and students. This is why the Chartered College of Teaching carried out a consultation with nearly 1,800 members about the effects of the current crisis on their well-being, workload, their students’ learning and their opinions on school reopening plans.

Given the central role that teachers have played and continue to play in the education systems’ response to the COVID-19 crisis, we believe that it is paramount to consider their views and experiences to improve our understanding of the the potential implications this crisis has had on their well-being, their workload and their teaching. Teachers are also ideally placed to assess any effects the crisis may have had on their students’ learning and their well-being and to assess reopening plans for their feasibility in a school context.

This webinar will therefore present evidence on teachers’ experiences based on nearly 1,800 responses to an online survey and online focus groups.

It will help teachers, school leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders in education to increase their understanding of the current crisis, how it affects students and teachers and what we need to consider when planning the return of more students to schools.

This webinar will be led by Education Research Manager, Dr Lisa-Maria Muller, and Research and Learning Specialist, Gemma Goldenberg.

This event is for members of the Chartered College of Teaching only.

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July 7, 2020
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4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Chartered College of Teaching