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In this third joint webinar between NALDIC and the Chartered College of TeachingDr Napoleon Katsos, reader at the University of Cambridge and Dr Lisa-Maria Muller, Education Research Manager at the Chartered College of Teaching, will explore the links between multilingualism in the family and child well-being.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the role of children’s home learning environment and the Chartered College’s own research has shown that many teachers have recognized its importance and would like to improve links with parents and families as a result. This presentation will therefore focus on one important aspect of the home learning environment; multilingualism and how the knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of multiple languages can affect children’s well-being.

Good (i.e. more respectful and open) parent-child communication has been linked to a number of positive outcomes in adolescents, such as lower levels of risky behaviour, higher levels of academic achievement, increased adolescent self-esteem, lower levels of depressive symptoms and higher levels of well-being. Recent studies by the OECD, globally, and the Children’s Society in the UK observed a similar link.

Given this association between parent-child communication and child subjective well-being, the question arises of what difference bilingual communication makes. In other words, what difference does it make for children’s well-being if they know or do not know their family language.

Insights from this presentation will allow practitioners to improve their understanding of multilingual development and provide a basis for evidence-informed recommendations about the use and importance of home languages.

The presentation is based on findings from the presenters’ recently published scoping review, which was co-authored with their colleagues Dr Katie Howard, Dr Elspeth Wilson and Dr Jenny Gibson. It is also linked to the theme of the summer issue of the EAL journal, which will focus on children’s home learning environment and will feature a summary of the issues discussed in this presentation.

Find out more about the work of NALDIC and the latest issue of the EAL journal here.

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June 16, 2021
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6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Chartered College of Teaching