Event information

In the context of the AHRC Open World Initiative and the MEITS project (www.meits.org), we are running a two-day workshop (October 24 and 25) in Cambridge entitled Early language learning in school: What it (can) look(s) like.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss what language learning in primary and lower secondary school looks (or can look) like. We hope that this workshop will promote foreign language learning and support the transition from primary to secondary school as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. To this end, it brings together academics from the UK and EU with teachers of modern foreign languages in primary and secondary schools, teacher trainers and policy makers from the UK.

Our main speakers are a mix of experienced practitioners, teacher trainers and academics, who will talk about successes and difficulties with language teaching and learning in their contexts and present practical tips for the classroom. We hope that the workshop will provide a platform for participants to exchange original ideas, share best practice and deepen their understanding of language teaching and learning.

Event details

Event date
October 24, 2019
Event time
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Event location
Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, Lady Margaret Road, Cambridge CB3 0BU
Event organiser
Chartered College Network