Improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners, with Marc Rowland

We are pleased to present this CCT Network event, with Marc Rowland as keynote speaker.  Marc has been supporting local and national organisations in the pursuit of improving the educational landscape for disadvantaged learners. Marc works with the Education Endowment Foundation’s national Research School Network on a range of programmes.  He is also currently working […]

CATS Canterbury TeachMeet #15 ‘Action Research’

Join CATS Canterbury TeachMeet #15 to share effective classroom strategies. If you have never attended one before, they offer a series of short presentations on pedagogy and a chance to network. Our theme will be ‘Action Research’ and invites speakers who have been carrying out small-scale projects to explore pedagogy or a school-based initiative. Speakers […]

CATS Canterbury LeadMeet #5 ‘Powerful Conversations’

Join our LeadMeet event for a chance to share and hear leadership techniques for anyone leading in education. If you have never attended a LeadMeet, they offer a series of short 8-minute presentations and chance to network. Our theme is ‘Powerful Conversations’ and invites speakers on any aspect of this, from tackling challenges in line […]

Journal Club ‘Authors’

In collaboration with the Chartered College of Teaching and the Canterbury Christ Church University network hub, CATS Canterbury will host a Journal Club to hear from an edu-author and give you the opportunity to ask them your questions about their work or findings. This is an informal event, offering an opportunity to discuss pedagogy and […]

NQT +1 Programme 2021/22

This year indicates the last running of the one year NQT and as our current NQTs embark on their …

The Value Of Feedback

Come together for an free, online gathering of like-minded professionals for 3 sessions on the th…