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Place-value structure of the Arabic number notation is a key to why math is difficult for a subgroup of people with dyscalculia

Developmental dyscalculia (DD) is a math-specific learning difficulty that is believed to be a multi-cause condition. Former measurements found that typically developing adults and children process place-value number notations (such as the Arabic numbers) harder than sign-value notations (such as the Roman numbers) in simple mathematical tasks. Computational considerations suggest that place-value notation processing requires […]

Pupil absence: Questions for policy, for research and in practice

Pupil absence post COVID has risen, yet what the precise causes are and how they can best be remedied remains uncertain. The evidence given to the Education Select Committee Inquiry into this topic set out a number of interlinking factors that need taking into consideration if the situation is to improve. In this panel discussion, […]

Why understanding the development of oral language matters

Abstract: Oral language is foundational for learning and attainment. Understanding the relationships between language and learning requires an awareness of the the key components of the language system and how these impact across development. By corollary language development depends on children’s language learning environments: without effective language learning environments development is compromised. Using an implementation science […]