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Broadmoor Hospital – research on online extremism

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In recent years, violence linked to incels (involuntary celibates; an internet-based community who define themselves by their inability to have sexual or romantic relationships despite desiring them) has been of increasing concern and raises questions about links with mental illness. Broadmoor Hospital’s Research Hub recently completed a narrative review on inceldom and mental illness, suggesting that mental disorder is a contributory factor, with depression, autism, and personality disorder being of particular relevance (Broyd, Boniface, Parsons, Murphy & Hafferty, 2022). However, the extent to which this issue is seen in the community is unknown. As well as increasing understanding of mental health presentations of this community, it is vital to understand the extent to which teachers are coming across this issue in schools. This will have huge implications for developing interventions for young people at risk of being drawn into an online community with links to extremism.

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