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Curriculum: Selected reading

Written By: Cat Scutt
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A collection of articles, blogs, tools and resources around understanding and designing curriculum

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing focus on curriculum and its importance, which has also been recognised in the new Ofsted framework.   This page includes links to a range of useful articles, blogs, research reports and resources from different sources (all freely available or available through Chartered College membership) that explore ideas relating to this theme. These resources may be a potential starting point to help you reflect on this area, assess what you are already doing well and what you could consider doing differently.

The resources collated here will not provide a recipe for what you should do. Some of the articles will also present opposing viewpoints, and ones which may contradict your own viewpoint or experience. They should provoke thought, debate and discussion. Evidence-informed practice requires teachers and school leaders to make expert decisions based on their local context, professional experience and available research evidence. The views within do not necessarily represent those of the Chartered College.

Dylan Wiliam’s reminder that nothing works everywhere and everything works somewhere is key – you need to select suitable approaches for your own setting, pupils and context. It’s important to remember the role that implementation plays, too; the Education Endowment Foundation’s implementation guidance is a useful starting point for this.


Understanding curriculum

Deans for Impact’s brief guide for educators to six key ideas from cognitive science

Ambition Institute’s guide on how to teach teachers about principles from the science of learning


Knowledge, skills and cultural capital

Teachers and curriculum

Approaches to curriculum

Examples of curriculum approaches in practice

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