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Interviewees wanted for study on blurred boundaries between teachers’ work and their private lives

Written By: CCT Admin
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Alex Newton, a Masters student in Public Policy at the University of Bath, is looking for teachers to interview as part of his research project into boundaries between teachers’ work and private life. Employers are increasingly able to have oversight over and discipline employees for out-of-work behaviour, due to the rise of social media and modern technology. This not only has the potential to create a host of ethical and legal issues relating to privacy, freedom of speech and discrimination but also blurs the boundaries between work and private lives. These issues are particularly pronounced in the education sector, where reputational concerns, expectations around accountability and workload pressures mean that the reach of work into teachers’ private lives is extending further and further. This research aims to investigate the causes, effects and implications of this for teachers and the world of work more generally.

Alex is looking for teachers to interview around this topic. Interviews will take no longer than one hour and take place via Teams/Zoom. If you are interested, please contact Alex on: