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Lived experiences of teachers who have dyslexia

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Please see the message below from a researcher looking into the lived experiences of teachers who have dyslexia.  

As part of a Doctorate in Education, I am researching the lived experiences of teachers who have dyslexia.
I am looking for teachers of children or adults who would be willing to share their experiences, about the effects of dyslexia they experience in the classroom and beyond, and would like to know, as a part of this, if they have disclosed their dyslexia to their employer(s).
Participation can vary from completing a questionnaire to taking part in online focus groups and/or one-to-one interviews, to suit personal commitments.  The research is approved by the University of Plymouth Ethics Board.  My contact details are: Jacklyn Williams, at  I shall be happy to contact anyone directly, or to receive completed questionnaires, and am happy to provide a summary of my research to any respondents who would like this and include email contact details.
I am attaching a copy of a questionnaire in Word, and would be happy to translate this into an electronic format that would work for you.
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    Mandy Honeyman

    This email address is bouncing back to me. Could it be incorrect?
    The correct email address is

    Last edited 4 months ago by Mandy Honeyman