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National Institute of Teaching survey on professional development

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We want to understand the pressing questions about professional development.

For example, when is it better to engage with professional development during the school day and when is it better to run twilights? Do the same professional development design principles apply at all stages of teachers’ and leaders’ careers? Or do they change with seniority or experience?

At the National Institute of Teaching, we want a school system that nurtures the talents of teachers and leaders at all stages of their careers so they can provide the world-class education children deserve.

Our aim is to improve pupil outcomes by ensuring that the children in our schools have access to the best quality teachers, across the sector. But the research base which informs professional development needs to be stronger. There is a lot we can learn about what’s effective in teacher training and development. There are some big gaps. We often look to evidence from the USA to bridge these gaps, but research insights can be tricky to translate between settings.

We want to generate research outputs that are genuinely useful to everyone involved in training and developing teachers and leaders, and that make a tangible and sustainable difference to how teachers teach and how leaders lead.

Our aim is to build on the excellent work that’s come before, for the benefit of teachers and leaders everywhere – and, most importantly, through them to the ultimate benefit of their pupils.

This consultation is the first step in that journey. We’ve streamlined our questions to be respectful of your time; it’ll take around 5 minutes to complete.

We hope you’ll find some time to fill in our short survey, and to share it with your colleagues and networks. 

You can find the survey here.

You can also sign up to our events:

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