A Chartered College of Teaching research project

The Chartered College of Teaching is carrying out a research project into teachers’ experiences with distance learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our aim is to highlight the challenges teachers have been facing during this period of distance learning, showcase the innovative practice that has emerged and look to the future to see which aspects of distance learning teachers may want to take forward as schools reopen to all students.

Results will be written up as a final report and developed into emergency remote teaching guidelines. Basing these guidelines on a combination of research evidence from our latest report on distance learning and teachers’ own experiences will ensure that they are as scientifically robust and practically relevant as possible, so the profession is prepared and supported for any future scenarios where distance learning may need to be implemented.

We also want to make sure that we take time as a profession to reflect on this past year and consider what positive changes have resulted from this crisis that we want to take forward. What should the #FutureofTeaching look like?

We have three opportunities for your to share your views and really appreciate you taking the time to engage with the ones that you feel will best capture your experience.

1. Complete our survey

We have designed a survey that takes 10-30 minutes to complete, depending on how many sections are relevant to you, and which asks about your recent experiences with distance learning more generally, whether you have implemented distance learning in your setting and what some of the challenges were. It then dives deeper into effective pedagogical strategies, supporting students’ motivation, engagement and wellbeing and working with students with SEND. It contains open and closed questions and targeted questions that will allow you to only answer those questions that are relevant to your context and most recent experience.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. The survey will be open until the 24th of May 2021 to ensure that everyone who wants to contribute has an opportunity to do so.

Please click here to access the survey.

2. Submit a case study

We want to capture the challenges but also all the innovative practice that has emerged as a result of this crisis and showcase promising new practice across a range of contexts and schools, to celebrate our profession. We feel that case studies are the best way to capture the many details of individual schools, their teachers and students that contributed to the development of innovative new approaches. Case studies will be included in the report and shared on MyCollege, the Chartered College of Teaching member website.

Please click here to find out more about case studies and how to submit one.

3. Participate in a focus group

In focus groups we want to give you an opportunity to connect to others and discuss the future of teaching and how what we have learned from this crisis can shape our view of the future. Despite numerous challenges of distance learning, are there aspects that you think should continue, even after the end of the pandemic, when all students are back in school and nobody is self-isolating anymore? Or do you maybe think that this crisis has highlighted that certain aspects of teaching simply cannot move online and the importance of face-to-face teaching? Sign up for our focus groups to join us for a discussion. These will be led by the research team at the Chartered College of Teaching, take place on Zoom and will feed into the final report.

You can sign up for the focus groups here.

For any questions contact Dr Lisa-Maria Muller, Education Research Manager at the Chartered College of Teaching on lmuller@chartered.college.