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Effective leadership practices and teacher wellbeing: A review of international evidence

BENG HUAT SEE, STEPHEN GORARD, MARK LEDGER, KULWINDER MAUDE, NADA EL SOUFI, DURHAM UNIVERSITY CENTRE FOR EDUCATION, UK REBECCA MORRIS, DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION STUDIES, WARWICK UNIVERSITY, UK INTRODUCTION The most commonly cited reasons for teachers leaving the profession are excessive workload and poor working conditions (Long and Danechi, 2022). Teachers in England and across a […]

Can a collaborative approach to curriculum development aid teacher retention?

Kat Howard, Executive School Improvement Lead; Founding Chief Executive Officer, Litdrive, UK Does an absence of meaningful curriculum development in schools prompt the loss of teachers? There is a widespread and justified concern about the alarming shortage of teachers currently teaching in the UK and how this fails to match the staffing required in schools. […]

Collaborative CPD as a means to improve teacher expertise and retention

You can listen to an audio version of this article above. CAROLINE BARLOW, BECKA LYNCH AND EMMA SMITH, HEATHFIELD COMMUNITY COLLEGE, UK Research from the Teacher Development Trust and NFER (Worth and Van den Brande, 2020) found that teachers in England typically have lower levels of autonomy compared to other professionals, and suggests that there is […]

Reframing ‘disadvantaged’ as ‘underserved’ in mathematics education professional development design

TAZREEN KASSIM-LOWE, TUTOR, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAD AND PHD STUDENT, UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, UK  REBEKAH GEAR, LECTURER, NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY, UK  This article explores how professional development (PD) can be used as a vehicle for promoting more equitable, responsive teaching. The PD model presented is defined as a ‘Research and Innovation Work Group’ (RIWG), commissioned by […]

Promoting effective teacher reflection through collaboration

TIM LISSIMORE, SENIOR DEPUTY HEAD, WILSON’S SCHOOL, UK Introduction Develop as a professional, by reflecting on progress made, recognising strengths and weaknesses and identifying next steps for further improvement. (DfE, 2019, p. 24) Reflect systematically on the effectiveness of lessons and approaches to teaching. (DfE, 2011, p. 11) Creating opportunities for effective reflection is a […]

Effective professional development at scale

Olivia Page, Director of Professional Development, Education for the 21st Century, UK Education for the 21st Century (E21C) is a medium-sized multi-academy trust (MAT) of eight schools (four primary and four secondary), based in London and the south-east of England, with over 6,000 pupils and 800 staff. The trust has been on a journey of […]

Subject communities: Grow, nurture, sustain

Dena Eden, Director of Secondary English at Inspiration Trust Teaching is a profession where we rely on the support of a team and wider community while also preferring complete autonomy in our classrooms. Subject communities maintain this autonomy while also allowing us to feel both supported and motivated to improve. An effective subject community empowers […]

The Avanti teacher habits: Initial implementation of a MAT-wide learning and teaching toolkit in support of teacher development

SALINA VENTRESS, SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT LEAD FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING, AVANTI SCHOOLS TRUST, UK  Avanti’s vision for education, outlined in ‘The Avanti Way’ (Avanti Schools Trust, nd), gives equal emphasis to spiritual insight, character formation and educational excellence. Developing a MAT framework for learning and teaching that could be implemented across all our schools, through the […]

Levelling the playing field of learning

Lee Elliot Major, Professor of Social Mobility, University of Exeter, UK Introduction All teachers aspire to reduce the barriers and unconscious biases that impede the learning of students from under-resourced backgrounds. Research shows that these impediments are multifaceted, consisting of cultural, material, educational and health-related factors that operate inside and outside the classroom. Explicitly thinking […]

Childhood bereavement: The role of school leadership in developing inclusive learning environments

DR ALEXANDRA SEWELL, SENIOR LECTURER, UNIVERSITY OF WORCESTER, INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION DANIEL THACKER-SMITH, HEADTEACHER, E-ACT SHENLEY ACADEMY Bereavement, loss and grief As with most common psychological experiences, bereavement is subject to varying socio-cultural and academic definitions. A critical distinction between competing definitions is that bereavement follows the death of a person with whom the bereaved had […]

Belonging schools: how do relatively more inclusive secondary schools approach and practice inclusion?

JENNY GRIFFITHS, TEACH FIRST, UK TOBY GREANY, UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, UK JODIE PENNACCHIA, UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, UK JENNY GRAHAM, THE DIFFERENCE, UK ELEANOR BERNARDES, UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, UK Background Teach First’s work on whole-child development (Griffiths, 2023) suggests that individuals in inclusive settings, particularly pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, attain better academic and other outcomes (Gray et al., 2021). However, […]

Communication bands: A framework of shared understanding

Alison Futerman, Therapy Service Manager and Speech and Language Therapist, Eden Academy Trust, UK Gill Smith, Professional Development Service Manager, Eden Academy Trust, UK Dr Paul van Walwyk, Director for Schools and Educational Services, Eden Academy Trust, UK This case study reflects on the introduction and impact of communication bands within the Eden Academy Trust […]

Values matter: How can values shape education?

Andy Silvain and Sarah Seleznyov, School 360, Big Education, UK In September 2021, School 360, a state primary in Newham, London, opened its doors to its first cohort of Reception-age pupils. As co-headteachers, we wanted some guiding principles to help to shape decisions taken about leadership structures, curriculum, pedagogies and assessment during the year spent […]

Celebrating our school community: Creating an anti-racism inclusion group

JAMES LEIGH, HEAD OF YEAR 12, HEAD OF FUTURES AND HISTORY TEACHER, READING BLUE COAT, UK I trust that I am not alone in believing there to be intricacies inherent in the necessity for staff to actively celebrate diversity in school communities, while also actively enforcing anti-racism. Indeed, since 2022, Keeping Children Safe in Education requirements […]

Behind the mask: Supporting autistic students in primary school

ALISON EASON, HEAD OF ADDITIONALLY RESOURCED PROVISION (ARP), CHALGROVE PRIMARY SCHOOL, UK The typical primary school classroom, which is designed to stimulate children’s senses, may be overwhelming for an autistic child, who processes senses in a different way from their peers. Even the day-to-day sensory information that we routinely process, such as cooking smells wafting […]