Optimal strategies: Towards a research-synthesis model for effective classroom task selection in secondary schools

Dr Robin Bevan FCCT, Headteacher, Southend High School for Boys, UK The choice of classroom activities Curriculum design tends, rightly, to focus on determining a coherent developmental sequencing of content with an associated progression in knowledge, understanding and skills (e.g. Wiliam, 2013). Teachers, however, still tend to find themselves with a relatively free choice regarding […]

Social action and character education

What’s the idea? Pupils in school need opportunities to engage in social action aligned to the school’s values. Core educational purpose often focuses on the school-leaver as the end product. An alternate approach might instead involve imagining students a decade after they leave school. What might they be doing in their late twenties? How would […]

10 dimensions of holistic school leadership for a greater sense of shared purpose

In our state-funded school, Southend High School for Boys, the primary purpose of leadership is to create an environment where others thrive (Sergiovanni, 1992). Our school is located on the outskirts of London and serves an economically and socially diverse community. We have 1,200 students, aged between 11 and 18, and have secured a national […]