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ACT Teaching Citizenship Conference 2023

Climate Empowerment – the role of Citizenship and Personal Development Teachers

This year’s conference theme is Climate Empowerment – the role of Citizenship and Personal Development Teachers. This draws on the term adopted by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to denote their most recent priorities for education announced at COP27. ACT’s Teaching Citizenship Conference will explore the relationship of Citizenship to the current climate crisis. We will discuss the role of the subject in empowering and engaging students on these complex topics and how schools can implement the DfE’s Climate Education Strategy.

Children and young people are worried about climate change and want to know more about the impact it is having now & how it will impact their future lives.

DfE Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, 2022

Conference details


Our 2023 Teaching Citizenship Conference will discuss and consider:

  • climate justice as a human rights issue and teaching climate change in Citizenship
  • how climate education topics and approaches can be used to teach the National Curriculum requirements for Citizenship
  • different teaching approaches, pedagogy and active citizenship
  • what Climate empowerment means for moving Citizenship education forward in 2023 and beyond


The conference aims to: 

  • bring together teachers, practitioners and other stakeholders to amplify and exchange ideas that support quality Citizenship teaching
  • explore different teaching approaches that help students to develop informed opinions about these urgent issues, while ensuring teaching remains impartial
  • consider the opportunities, challenges and potential solutions including how we nurture young people’s political agency, especially in making informed decisions about what types of citizen action are appropriate
  • encourage new thinking and learning about Citizenship education, teaching and practice and promote dialogue and collaboration across schools nationally


Who might be interested in attending:

For those who are new to teaching Citizenship, established Citizenship teachers and GCSE teachers, as well as those leading Citizenship and others interested in embedding active citizenship in their school.


June 29, 2023
10:00 am
- 5:00 PM
IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society, London