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Better Bilingual EAL Celebration Event: Sharing Strategic Good Practice

Better Bilingual CICEAL Celebration Event : Sharing Strategic Good Practice

Focus: EAL Principles & Pedagogy in Action: A whole school, strategic approach to success!

Venue: The Foundation, Lower Ground Floor, St George’s Rd, Bristol BS1 5BE

Description: With guest speakers from a range of schools and organisations in Bristol and the South West, this CPD afternoon for teachers and school leaders will provide an opportunity to share and explore EAL good practice across the age range and across the curriculum.

Format: Following the keynote address, attendees will be able to visit our fantastic guest speakers (listed below) via a carousel approach, i.e. a communicative and interactive opportunity for participants to move around the room, stopping intermittently to comment, discuss, or respond to the topics being discussed. You will leave inspired and equipped with a range of practical ideas and useful resources. Members of SLT & EAL Leads are encouraged to attend; refreshments will be served.

Guest speakers

Keynote Address: Our local EAL expert, Dr Robert Sharples of the University of Bristol – Senior Lecturer in Language and Education at the School of Education and author of ‘Teaching EAL: Evidence-based Strategies for the Classroom and School’ (2021), will speak about Leading a multilingual school

‘We know that multilingual pupils can achieve very highly with the right support … but there is very little guidance for school leaders about how to make that happen. In this short talk I will introduce five evidence-based principles for leading multilingual schools and share two quick wins that unlock immediate benefits your staff and students.’

We’ll also be hearing from some secondary EAL students about their multilingualism, educational experiences and aspirations for the future.

Primary schools:

1. Easton C E Academy in collaboration with the University of Bath

2. Hillcrest Primary School & S3 Cluster

3. Oasis Academy Marksbury Road

4. St John’s C of E Primary School & NW24 Partnership

Secondary schools :

1. Bristol Cathedral Choir School

2. St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School

Further schools to be added.

Sponsors – also exhibiting at our event:

The EAL Academy:

Across Cultures:

The Bell Foundation:

Additional exhibitors:

Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori:

Further exhibitors to be added.

Intended audience, costs and booking information

Bookings are now open with 2 places per school/organisation available in the first instance. It is recommended that members of SLT, EAL Leads and governors attend for maximum whole school, strategic impact; however, colleagues from across the teaching body and pastoral team are more than welcome to attend also.

Cost: £50 per person to cover event costs and a takeaway ‘Multilingual Classrooms’ resource pack. Invoice will be sent when registration received, with payment politely requested in advance – thank you.

Queries: Please email if you have any queries or if you have an EAL success story you’d like to share at this or a future event.


October 2, 2023
1:00 pm
- 4:00 PM
The Foundation, Lower Ground Floor, St George's Rd, Bristol, BS1 5BE