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Introduction Certificate in Teaching Shakespeare

These one day courses offer an affordable way to access our rehearsal room approaches to teaching which focus on the plays in our season. Join us to develop knowledge, confidence and skills to begin to teach Shakespeare’s plays in your classroom. Includes a ticket to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.


To book email or call the Learning Hotline on 01789 331259 (midday – 6pm, Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays)


In addition to supporting research-informed and evidence-based professional development through an enjoyable and interactive day at the RSC exploring Shakespeare, teachers on our Certificate courses work towards specific professional outcomes.

Completing our Introduction Certificate in Teaching Shakespeare course will support you to develop the knowledgeconfidence and skills to:

  1. use various theatre-based practices to introduce and explore the plots and characters in Shakespeare’s plays with your students.
  2. use rehearsal room approaches to develop your students’ understanding of Shakespeare’s text, including monologues, soliloquies and dialogue.
  3. enable young people to work as text detectives to interrogate the text to explore different interpretations and performance possibilities.
  4. ensure effective planning for incorporating rehearsal room approaches into your lessons, with a particular focus on engaging and progressing learning for lower attaining students.
  5. create a secure learning environment in which your students feel confident to take risks and to work physically and vocally as a company of actors.
  6. choose scenes or speeches that best unlock the language / themes / plot to anchor your students’ analysis of a Shakespeare play.


  • Introducing our techniques: begin your journey to develop expertise in using RSC rehearsal room approaches to teach Shakespeare.
  • The plays in our season: gain insight into our current season with a day of CPD that focuses on the plays on our stages.
  • Practical activities: engage with practical exercises which demonstrate there are multiple ways to learn about Shakespeare’s texts and other plays.
  • Understanding Shakespeare’s text: delve into extracts from the plays in our season and begin to develop ideas for introducing them to your students.
  • Theatre-based approaches: discover approaches used by our actors and directors to tackle complex texts in accessible ways.
  • Supporting outcomes in your school: learn how to adapt our techniques to your specific school setting and the needs of the pupils in your classroom.


March 25, 2024
10:00 am
- 4:30 PM

Royal Shakespeare Company Royal Shakespeare Theatre Waterside Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 6BB