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Mentally Healthy Schools

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Mentally Healthy Schools is an information and resource hub offering free, quality-assured mental health resources and guidance for primary and secondary schools as well as further education colleges.

A new report published by the Anna Freud Centre finds that 93% of young people surveyed in the UK support the drive for mental health to be brought into the classroom, and for conversations about mental health to be normalised in schools and FE colleges.

These new findings are a call to action to the whole school community and the newly expanded Mentally Healthy Schools website supports teachers and leaders to deliver a whole school approach to mental health with:

  • A user-friendly resource hub that can be filtered according to age and theme – as well as over 100 resources specifically for students aged 11-19, linked to the UK curricula
  • 90 webpages of clinically assured information to support the CPD of teaching staff around mental health
  • Guidance for leaders and class teachers on how to use the Mentally Healthy Schools website in your setting
  • A monthly newsletter of clinically assured resources designed to meet current needs
  • Practice examples from teachers who have used Mentally Healthy Schools successfully in their school settings
  • A personal account to save your preferred resources