Supporting evidence-informed teaching and learning (Associate Certificate) Volume Purchase

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This certified online course is aimed at teaching assistants and those working in similar roles supporting teaching and learning in schools. The course aims to support individuals to increase their understanding of how to engage critically with education research, and to develop knowledge of evidence-informed pedagogical approaches which can be used to support teaching and learning in their context. If you are purchasing assessment units on behalf of others, you should check with them that they meet the eligibility criteria prior to purchasing. Vouchers are valid for 3 months from date of purchase.


Length of study:

Typically this course takes around half a term to complete (4-5 hours core learning time)

The course content is divided into five parts:

  • Part 1: An evidence-informed approach (45 mins) Reflect on what it means to be evidence-informed and explore some common myths and misconceptions in education research.
  • Part 2: Effective teaching and learning (45 – 60 mins) Look at what research says about effective teaching and how pupils not only learn, but also remember what has been taught.
  • Part 3: Formative assessment (45 – 60 mins) Consider the role that formative assessment plays in teaching and learning, with a specific focus on questioning and feedback.
  • Part 4: Inclusion (45 – 60 mins) Explore the concept of inclusion, consider why motivation may be important for pupils’ learning, and look at evidence around how teaching assistants might support pupils most effectively within the classroom. Complete the end of course assessment: Multiple choice quiz
  • Part 5: Take it forward (up to 30 mins) Final considerations and suggestions as to how you take your learning forward and continue your research engagement journey.

Participants can receive formal certification for their learning by successfully completing a short quiz at the end of the course which is designed to assess knowledge of the core course content.