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Become a Chartered College of Teaching Research Champion


Are you passionate about advancing education through evidence-informed practices? Elevate your impact by becoming a Chartered College of Teaching Research Champion. This crucial role positions you as a liaison between the Chartered College of Teaching and your school, fostering a culture of evidence-informed practice and continuous professional development.

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Key responsibilities

Facilitating engagement with Chartered College of Teaching content

As a Research Champion, you will play a key role in assisting your colleagues in accessing and utilising Chartered College of Teaching resources effectively. Your support will extend to implementing evidence-informed practices within the school and guiding colleagues to platforms like MyCollege and Impact, providing a wealth of resources. Additionally, you’ll offer guidance on accessing Chartered College of Teaching webinars, courses, and Chartered Teacher Pathways, seamlessly integrating Chartered College of Teaching content into colleagues’ ongoing professional development plans.

Integrating Chartered College of Teaching content into your school’s CPD provision

Identifying opportunities to incorporate Chartered College of Teaching content into your CPD programmes is a pivotal aspect of the Research Champion role. Your contribution will involve developing an evidence-informed CPD strategy for the school, utilising Chartered College of Teaching resources to design and deliver tailored CPD sessions. As a leader, you’ll actively promote evidence-informed practices within the school community.


Who can apply?

There are no strict eligibility requirements and anyone can be nominated as a Chartered College of Teaching Research Champion within your school or trust. The Research Champion can be:

  • An individual who has been nominated as the main contact to promote evidence-informed practice within your school
  • A middle leader or senior leader who holds a responsibility for supporting teacher development
  • A practitioner who is focused on implementing research engagement within your context
  • One of many Research Champions within your school or trust, allowing for a collaborative approach
  • An individual with a passion and interest in evidence-informed practice.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and roles to join us in this exciting opportunity.


Benefits of being a Research Champion

For individuals

Embarking on a journey as a Research Champion offers several benefits for individuals. These include opportunities for professional growth, where you can enhance your knowledge and understanding of evidence-informed practices. The role provides a platform for leadership development as you guide your colleagues and lead initiatives, contributing to your own professional development. By working as a Research Champion with the Chartered College of Teaching, you will be recognised for your commitment to evidence-informed practice within your setting.

For schools and trusts

The impact of having Research Champions within a school or trust is substantial. It enhances teaching and learning by improving methodologies and student outcomes. Research Champions actively contribute to building a professional learning community within schools, fostering collaboration and support among educators. Moreover, the role enables improved CPD provision, aligning opportunities with the latest research and evidence. By promoting a culture of research and inquiry, Research Champions play a pivotal role in elevating educational impact within their settings.

Find out more about the role in our detailed role description



Is the Research Champion role voluntary?

Yes. It is an unpaid voluntary position.

How much time is expected for the role?

The Research Champion role is flexible, with no set minimum or maximum time requirement. Recognising the varied professional obligations and personal commitments of educators, you can dedicate as much time as you are willing and able to invest in the role.

What support will I get from CCT?

As a Research Champion, you will receive a Research Champion toolkit, accessible online. This toolkit guides you through the support you will receive and helps you set up an evidence-informed culture within your school. Additionally, you will receive practical resources to support engagement with the Chartered College in your school and a termly newsletter outlining helpful resources and content for you to share with your colleagues.

My school already has a Research Champion; can I still apply?

Yes. You can be one of several Research Champions in your school. For instance, some schools may choose to have a Research Champion across each key stage or in every department or year group.