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Welcome to The Chartered Connection, our new termly publication for members of the Chartered Status community. Our intention is that this publication will not only keep you informed of new developments and opportunities to contribute to the work of the Chartered College of Teaching, but that it will provide a stimulus for your ongoing professional learning and development, and an opportunity for us to give a platform to,  and celebrate the achievements of our Chartered alumni.

Each term we will spotlight a different Chartered Status assessment; we’ll also publish past submissions and case studies from teachers and school leaders to disseminate their work more widely. We are keen to receive suggestions for our ‘top reads and recommendations’ segment and hope that you will perhaps consider contributing to a future issue.

There will be more opportunities to connect with Chartered colleagues in the coming months and don’t forget that you can get in touch with us via and connect with the wider CTeach community via Twitter using the hashtag #CTeach.