Creating a motivating learning culture utilising pupil voice and agency

It is often the case that pupils are asked to give their opinions on a range of issues facing schools, through pupil forums, assemblies and prefect bodies. There is a large body of academic literature outlining the benefits of the process and the methods for encouraging this (Bragg and Fielding, 2005; Cook-Sather, 2002; Flutter and […]

Researching character development and processes of volunteering in Year 12 boys

Iro Konstantinou, Tom Arbuthnott, Haroon Shirwani and Misha Mehta, Eton College, UK In a report by the Institute for Volunteering Research in 2004 (Ellis), it was reported that adolescents do more volunteer work than older people and, apart from a minority who do not see the value of giving one’s time, there is a positive […]

Practical approaches to embedding research in schools: Key learning and reflections from the Research in Schools Learning Community

In 2017, the Department for Education published a report that examined the progress of evidenced-informed teaching in England. The findings suggest that despite limited direct application of research in teachers’ practice, evidence was valued and did inform teacher thinking (Coldwell et al., 2017). Alongside this report, there were other developments that showed that evidence-informed teaching […]