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Education Research and Inquiry Certificate

Take your research engagement one step further as you learn about the process of practitioner inquiry as a powerful mechanism for professional development and undertake an evidence-informed inquiry project within your classroom, focusing on an area of your choosing. This course is worth 20 Credits towards Chartered Teacher Status

Professional Knowledge Award

Build your understanding of the evidence and principles of assessment and demonstrate your knowledge of assessment and pedagogy through three professional knowledge examinations designed to assess your understanding of general and subject/ phase/specialism-specific approaches. This course is worth 30 Credits towards Chartered Teacher Status

Development of Teaching Practice Award

Explore the development of teacher expertise as you choose an area of your teaching practice to refine and develop, engaging in cycles of deliberate practice to implement and embed evidence-informed approaches in your classroom. This course is worth 20 Credits towards Chartered Teacher Status

Certificate in evidence-informed practice

Learn how to navigate education research, build your understanding of key themes and debates within current education research, and consider implications for classroom and whole school practice, as relevant to your role. This course is worth 10 Credits towards Chartered Teacher Status

Introductory Course: Chartered Teacher Status

Includes access to our Planning your Professional Learning Certified Course Familiarise yourself with the Chartered Teacher Professional Principles and explore the evidence around effective CPD as you develop a professional learning plan that will drive your professional learning and development as you work towards becoming Chartered.