CATEGORY: Leading Inclusive Schools

1. Introduction to inclusive leadership (Leading Inclusive Schools)

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Course Overview

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Leading Inclusive Schools is an online course developed by the Chartered College of Teaching and funded by the Charity of Sir Richard Whittington (part of the Mercers’ Charitable Foundation). 

As a leader who’s already invested in, or beginning to consider, a more inclusive approach to school leadership, the six modules in this course provide a space for you to reflect on your decision making and approaches, and engage in dialogue with other educators before planning next steps for your practice. 

Drawing on theory, research and evidence, the content in these modules will support you to: 

  • increase your understanding of core principles for leading inclusive schools
  • critically apply your learning within your context to develop inclusive policies and practices
  • implement strategies that help build a strong culture of belonging and inclusion for pupils and staff.


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5 Responses

  1. Though I am the Chair of Governors at my Secondary school, I believe that, even if our role is Strategic, it is very important that we lead an Inclusive school.
    I also the VC at a Special Primary age school where the child have significant physical and mental health needs so Inclusivity both within and outside is crucial to these students development

    1. The course opened for enrolment on Thursday 25 May so you should be able to log in and get started as a CCT member. Please reply if you are not able to access the course and we’ll be in touch to help.

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