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AI and Cheating in Education: How Can we Safeguard the Integrity of Exams?

Cheating in high school exams is an age-old problem, but new technologies have made it easier than ever resulting in huge issues for fairness and credibility. In today’s digitally connected and AI inclusive world, ensuring the integrity of exams is a major challenge. From plagiarism detection software to solutions leveraging facial recognition and eye-tracking technology, various measures are being deployed to combat cheating. But do they work? And do educators need to reevaluate how to hold fair exams in a world of previously unimagined unlimited digital resources?

In this webinar, we explore questions surrounding AI and cheating by looking at the shifting dynamics of high-stakes examinations. We’ll discuss OECD research on digitising high-stakes examinations in upper secondary education, examine strategies to make them more secure and debate how they might look in the future.

Speakers include:
Dr. Phillip Dawson, Professor, Deakin University
– Dr. Christina Wikstrom, Associate Professor, Umeå University
– Shivi Chandra, Policy Analyst, Above & Beyond: Transitions in Upper Secondary Education project, OECD

Moderated by Duncan Crawford, Senior Content Manager, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills.


April 17, 2024
9:30 am
- 10:30 AM