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CAER Ask the Experts webinar: School-based Physical Activity

Greater than 70% of all children in westernised high-income countries fail to achieve the recommended threshold of 60 min of daily physical activity. As a consequence, many children suffer from the detrimental impacts of poor physical, social and emotional health which, in turn, negatively impact their educational outcomes. To address this issue, schools are recommended in global and country-specific policies as one of eight best investments for physical activity. This theme draws together an interdisciplinary team focussed on co-developing and evaluating the impact and implementation of school-based programmes to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour.

CAER Ask the Experts webinar series

The CAER Physical Activity and Motor Skill research group are hosting two webinars this month. The second, focusing on school-based physical activity.

Speakers: Dr Andy Daly-Smith, Dr Liam Hill, Dr Jade L Morris, Dr Anna Chalkley and Zoe Helme.


November 9, 2022
4:30 pm
- 5:30 PM