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#CCTea Live: Connecting with International Teachers

#CCTea Live: Connecting with International Teachers

Marco Zambonini FCCT and Mandy Monaghan FCCT.

Are you looking to teach overseas or do you teach overseas? What are the variations in curriculum development and design, and how should one adjust to teaching overseas?

Marco and Mandy discuss how the Chartered College of Teaching supports international teachers and their professional learning and how our extensive library of evidence-based research and resources enhances subject knowledge.

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COBIS – Council of British International Schools

The Wellbeing Distillery – Distilling wellbeing science to help you and your school do wellbeing better.

Impact is the termly journal of the Chartered College of Teaching. It connects research findings to classroom practice, with a focus on the interests and voices of teachers and educators. It supports the teaching community by promoting discussion around evidence within the classroom, and enabling teachers to share and reflect on their own use of research.

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I B Curriculum – The IB is an international qualification where there is a worldwide standardised curriculum, permitting students to transfer from a school in one country to another with few academic problems.

Chartered Teacher Status is a professional accreditation that recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours of highly accomplished teachers and school leaders, offering a career pathway that is focused on developing and recognising high-quality teaching and leadership practice.  As a professional accreditation, Chartered Status builds on individual practice, priorities and interests and can be undertaken at your own pace, up to three years.  Find out more here.

Is it possible for international teachers to become Chartered?

Professional Affiliate does not carry any post noms. 

International Teachers can become Chartered if they are eligible for MCCT and a practising teacher as follows: ‘practising teacher’ means: a teacher professionally engaged in teaching in a relevant setting:

  • a) in the UK, Ireland, a Crown Dependency or a British Overseas Territory;
  • b) in a Services Education Setting;
  • c) in a British International School; or
  • d) in none of the above, but who has completed initial teacher training in the UK.

8) ‘a relevant setting’ means: an early years, school, college or further education setting (0-19) and includes out-of-school settings such as Pupil referral Units and Young Offenders ’Institutions.

9) ‘a British International School’ means a school which is accredited under the Department for Education’s British schools overseas inspection scheme, or is a member of:

  • a) Association of British Schools Overseas (AOBSO);
  • b) British Schools in the Middle East (BSME);
  • c) Council of British International Schools (COBIS);
  • d) Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA); or
  • e) National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS).

If you are not eligible for Chartered Status you can still gain certification for completing the individual units.

Our Presenters

Marco Zambonini FCCT, Vice Principal, Director of Studies, North London Collegiate School, Dubai –  Marco originally studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, beginning his career as a music teacher in 2000. Having a passion for travel, his teaching career has taken him around the UK, as well as to schools in Kuwait, Chicago, the U.A.E.

In 2009, he formed the Arabian Youth Orchestra which quickly became the premier ensemble for aspiring young musicians in the region. Drawing on the wealth of talent in the Middle East, AYO provided the opportunity for students to explore advanced orchestral repertoire. In 2017, Marco was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, in recognition of his work with the orchestra. 

Marco returned to full-time education six years ago, studying at the University of Cambridge where he completed the MPhil in Educational Leadership and School Improvement. This led me to his current role as Vice Principal, Director of Studies at North London Collegiate School in Dubai where responsibilities include one of his areas of passion, professional development.

Marco is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and continues to share his experiences with other members of the CCT.


Mandy Monaghan FCCT – Professional Tutor, Teacher of English, North London Collegiate School, Dubai

Mandy trained as an English teacher in 2001 and started her  teaching career in a large London comprehensive. In 2005  was awarded AST status and worked across local schools in Barnet, moving to become a Secondary Consultant in 2010, whilst still teaching part time. Being in the classroom has always been what I love the most about my job.

In 2011, Mandy moved with her family to South Korea, to set up the first International School for North

London Collegiate School. The London School is a highly successful 200-year-old girls’ school, with an ethos of high aspirations and academic success. Being able to transfer this ethos to a mainly Korean, co-educational boarding school and then moved to Dubai In 2017, with an extremely multi-cultural, transient school population.

In her career abroad, Mandy has worked as a Head of Department and now a Professional Tutor.  In this role it enables to support the Professional Development Program of the school, as well as coach and mentor individual staff.

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