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Communicating sanctuary and care

This project brings together research and practice-based expertise from colleagues working in the fields of Education, Medicine, Linguistics and Art with a view to developing innovative and timely curriculum programmes. Central to the project is the partnership with external agencies in the field of linguistics (NALDIC) and Psychology (Place2Be) in order to inform understandings and practices.

Teachers are on the front line of coping with the consequences of the displacement of people, such as language and communication difficulties, trauma, homelessness, trafficking, along with the multifaceted challenges associated with communication as they interact in contexts where there is increasing linguistic and cultural diversity. Schools have become complex spaces where teachers find themselves in the position where they are required to offer and communicate psychosocial support to families, children and young people who come from diverse language and cultural backgrounds. It is therefore crucial that teachers are adequately prepared to meet the needs of these marginalised populations.

Join us to hear about our research in this area and how this could be applied to your work every day in school.


June 10, 2024
4:30 pm
- 5:30 PM