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Education after the election: priorities for change

IOE and the ESRC Education Research Programme (ERP) are hosting a special edition online panel discussion on Education after the election: priorities for change. This is part of the What Matters in Education?  series of debates.

Funding crisis in higher education, schools and FE; widening inequalities; a cost of living crisis for families; rising pupil absence and increasing pressure to provide more support for SEND. These are just some of the issues dominating discussion of education in the run up to the general election. Drawing on their knowledge, experience and research in the education fields, a panel of speakers from UCL Institute of Education will debate what the priorities for the next Secretary of State for Education should be and the steps the next UK government could take to make them a reality.

Claire Cameron, UCL, Social Research Institute
Gemma Moss, UCL Department of Learning and Leadership; Director of the ESRC Education Research Programme
John Yandell, UCL Department of Culture, Communication & Media
Olly Newton, Edge Foundation
Tristan McCowan, UCL Department of Education, Practice & Society


June 25, 2024
5:30 pm
- 7:00 PM