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Engaging learners for lifelong skills – Lewisham CCT Research Network

Sara Baker is a Professor of Developmental Psychology and Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She is also Vice Master of Darwin College. Her research aims to improve children’s lives by identifying factors at home and at school that can support their agency over their own learning.

In this session Sara will share research showing that engaging children in their own learning supports the acquisition of lifelong skills, including their motivation and self-regulation. She will share practical strategies that educators can adopt to enhance learner engagement, connecting with the “characteristics of effective teaching and learning” (EYFS) and aspects of cognitive science. Together, we will also explore various cultural ideas of engagement and self-regulation. We will touch on some of the barriers and enablers of building engagement and self-regulation, in the early years, through Key Stage 1, and into Key Stage 2.

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June 9, 2022
4:15 pm
- 5:45 PM