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Lights, Camera, Fluency: How pop music, podcasts, and Tik Tok are impacting English language learning today

Step into the future of English language education. Beyond timetabled lesson hours, today’s students are immersing themselves in English from an increasingly early age through diverse and exciting new avenues, reshaping the landscape of language acquisition. But with many countries and families investing considerable amounts to ensure students leave school with sufficient language skills, what are the implications of this new English-learning reality for teachers and students? Our panel, inspired by key findings from the OECD’s research on global English learning, will share insights and discuss implications for today’s education systems. Don’t miss this chance to navigate the evolving landscape of English education and gain invaluable insights for a brighter linguistic future!

Speakers include:

  • Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills OECD
  • Sophia Eriksson, Director for Youth, Education and Erasmus+, European Commission
  • Anna Sole Mena, Senior Policy Officer, European Commission
  • Hanan Khalifa, Language testing and evaluation expert –
  • Stavros Kontos, English language student, 2nd Model General Lyceum of Athens, Greece
  • Moderated by Sasha Ramirez-Hughes, Communications Manager, Directorate for Education and Skills


February 20, 2024
12:00 pm
- 1:00 PM