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Playful Learning and Curriculum

Play has a vital role in helping us live happy and healthy lives. Engaging the imagination in playful learning is crucial in helping us make sense of things, and in fostering the creativity and innovation that are so essential in addressing the complexities of our contemporary world. The experiences of schools and families following Covid-19 lockdowns have brought the importance of play into sharp focus. And the possibilities and benefits of playful learning at school, at home, and in the great outdoors, are multi-faceted and very exciting. Yet in policy and provision, play faces many challenges. Moving forward in education today we must build confidence and competence in translating quality playful approaches into practice. This virtual event aims to bring together leading experts and practitioners in the field of play, to focus on finding innovative ways to make high quality playful learning a reality for all.


16:00 Welcome and Introduction
Sharon Jones
16:05 The politics of play: policy and practice
Professor Elizabeth Wood
16:35 Q&A
16:45 Meet the experts (with Sarah Seleznyov)
Dr Christine O’Farrelly, Dr Yinka Olusoga, Dr Glenda Walsh
17:25 Breakout group discussions
Chaired by Sharon Jones, Sarah Seleznyov and Weipeng Yang
17:40 Final panel
Chaired by Sarah Seleznyov and Weipeng Yang
17:55 Closing remarks
Sharon Jones 
18:00 Event close


March 13, 2023
4:00 pm
- 6:00 PM