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TA Forum event: Teaching early brain development

Ella Lloyde Newman is the Research Lead on the SEEN (Secondary Education around Early Neurodevelopment) programme focused on teaching early brain development.

Secondary Education around Early Neurodevelopment is in partnership with Kindred Squared, SEEN is a research project to develop and pilot curriculum for Key Stage 3 pupils. It aims to embed the key principles of early child development and neuroscience for young people. Their aim is to develop a community-wide understanding of the neuroscience that underpins how caregivers’ behaviour contributes to children’s future outcomes.

Ella has worked on the SEEN project in its pilot phase at the University of Oxford and is now implementing the roll out of the SEEN curriculum to schools nationwide. She has a background in neuroscience and experimental psychology with a focus on neurodevelopment, memory, and mental health. She has worked in both academic and clinical research at the University of Oxford, University of Bristol and in the NHS. Within the NHS, Ella has worked clinically in maternity services, where she engaged with families about the importance of brain development in the early years.

We will also be joined by Miranda Baxter, Deputy Director of Families as part of Campaign for Learning here at NCFE. She will be sharing Campaign for Learning’s project around parental engagement, and why its vital that parents are partners in their children’s learning, an initiative supported by a Fair Education Alliance award.


January 25, 2024
5:00 pm
- 6:00 PM