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The impact of Impact on evidence-informed education: celebrating 20 issues

Following the publication of the 20th issue of Impact, join us as we celebrate and reflect on the impact that Impact has had on evidence-informed education to date.

Evidence-informed education has been widely recognised for its potential to improve teaching and learning yet research-practice gaps continue to persist, not least because top-down models of evidence-informed practice fail to recognise the important role teacher expertise plays for the adaptation and implementation of research findings. Our award-winning, peer-reviewed practitioner journal is unique in that it brings researchers and practitioners together to share their insights in an attempt to narrow the research-practice gap. In this panel discussion, we are bringing back some of our past guest editors to discuss how they think Impact has impacted evidence-informed education since its first publication, where it sits within the evidence-informed education ecosystem and where they see its future role. Some of the questions that will be explored by the panel include:

  • What has been the Impact of Impact in schools and across the educational research community?
  • How does Impact differ from academic journals and other sources?   
  • Could you tell us about your experience as a guest-editor and what this has meant to you?
  • How would you encourage educators to use Impact in both their practice and their professional development?
  • Where do you see Impact in 5 years time, or after another 20 issues? What place does it have in the teaching profession in the future?
  • What role does and can Impact play for evidence-informed practice (and policy)?
  • What role does and can Impact play in further developing teacher professionalism?

Professor Dame Alison Peacock is Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching, a Professional Body that seeks to raise teacher status through celebrating, supporting and connecting teachers to provide expert teaching and leadership. Prior to joining the Chartered College, Dame Alison was Executive Headteacher of The Wroxham School in Hertfordshire. Her career to date has spanned Primary, Secondary and advisory roles. She is an Honorary Fellow of Queens College Cambridge and UCL, a Visiting Professor of both the University of Hertfordshire and Glyndŵr University and a trustee for Big Change. Her research is published in a series of books about Learning without Limits offering an alternative approach to inclusive school improvement.

Speakers include:

  • Prof Dr Stuart Kime, Evidence Based Education
  • Prof Dr Tanya Ovenden-Hope,  Plymouth Marjon University 
  • Professor Rob Coe,  Evidence Based Education
  • Dr Marlon Lee Moncrieffe, School of Education, University of Brighton
  • Professor Beng Huat See, Durham University 
  • Professor Teresa Cremin,TheOpenUniversity

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  • Impact is the termly journal of the Chartered College of Teaching. It connects research findings to classroom practice, with a focus on the interests and voices of teachers and educators. It supports the teaching community by promoting discussion around evidence within the classroom, and enabling teachers to share and reflect on their own use of research.