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Decolonising and diversifying the curriculum in Early Years settings: A case study

This case study is part of a series of short online learning courses on decolonising and diversifying the curriculum. Chartered College of Teaching members can access this learning for free. This is a case study from Module 4, ‘Approaches to decolonising and diversifying the curriculum’, of a series of 6 online courses. The module includes a variety […]

Curriculum in the Early Years

Curriculum in the Early Years Ofsted’s consultation about its new education inspection framework (2019), with its focus on the curriculum, is leading Early Years practitioners to wonder what a curriculum for the youngest children might look like. It is, perhaps, useful to begin the discussion by outlining some of the things that we do not […]

Children’s agency and the curriculum

Chartered College of Teaching ¬∑ Children’s agency and the curriculum   The curriculum is a vital part of education because it has such an important influence on what learners experience in classrooms during the school day. Research on curriculum aims, knowledge and control have been, and continue to be, central to what are known as […]

ECFEST: Strategies for managing behaviour and creating an effective classroom culture

In the second webinar of ECFEST 2021, Joe Treacy (Head of Membership, Chartered College of Teaching) was joined by Karl C Pupé (Author and Speaker, Action Hero Teacher) who gave a presentation on strategies for managing behaviour and creating an effective classroom culture. The ‘Trust Mountain’ model of Behaviour Management and how it can help […]

Establishing behaviour systems and routines

The Mill Primary Academy has developed a culture of celebration that rewards excellent behaviour. Clear, consistent behaviour systems reward kindness and responsibility, as well as academic achievements. Establishing these routines from the start, and being clear about what good behaviour looks like in practice, sets high expectations in the classroom and raises aspirations. Teachers have […]

A look at the link between classroom arrangement and cooperative learning

Where are we now? Having worked at the same school for almost two decades, I have witnessed many changes over the years. Seating plans, for example, have evolved from being mapped out in your head, to being scribbled down on a piece of paper, to finally being entered onto complex digital templates. What was once […]

Lost in translation? A look at how Lesson Study has been interpreted outside Japan

Close up of red Japanese lanterns

Many research projects about Lesson Study outside Japan miss its core components. Translated from the Japanese words jugyou (instruction or lesson) and kenkyuu (research or study), Fernandez (2002, p. 394) describes Japanese lesson study as ‘a systematic enquiry into teaching practice…, which happens to be carried out by examining lessons’. In its simplest form, we […]