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ECFest: Teacher wellbeing and self-care

A panel discussion on effective approaches to maintaining your wellbeing

In our second Early Career Fest session, Emma Kell (Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Trainer of Teachers, Those That Can Ltd, IoE, Aspire AP) and Adrian Bethune (Teacher, Writer, Teachappy) joined Christalla Jamil (Executive Headteacher, St Paul’s & All Hallows’ Academy) and Joe Treacy (Head of Membership, Chartered College of Teaching) in discussing Teacher Wellbeing and Self-care. In this webinar we explored:

  • Emma and Adrian’s new book: Teacher Wellbeing and Self-care
  • Teacher agency – we have more control than we think we do
  • Perspective – how we look at things has a big impact on how we feel and act
  • Purpose & values – knowing what your purpose is for being in the classroom can help nourish you and stay true your core values
  • Personal wellbeing – there are simple things we can do to look after ourselves to maintain our physical and mental health

Participants also had the opportunity to ask questions in a Q&A towards the end of the webinar.

Across one week, the Chartered College of Teaching will be hosting a range of fantastic online events to support you as you set out on your teaching journey. Learn from teachers and academics and access a wealth of insights to make the strongest possible start to your career. No matter what challenges lie ahead, the Chartered College of Teaching is here to support our fantastic profession to change lives and deliver world-class teaching. #ECFest

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