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Webinar: Behaviour management Q&A – Tom Bennett and Amy Forrester

A behaviour management Q&A by Tom Bennett and Amy Forrester

In this webinar recording, Tom Bennett (Author, Running the Room: The Teacher’s Guide to Behaviour and Director, ResearchEd) and Amy Forrester (Director of Pastoral Care KS4, Cockermouth School) answer questions around behaviour management and establishing routines in the classroom. They discuss:


  • The importance of behaviour management, why Tom Bennett was compelled to write ‘Running the Room: The Teacher’s Guide to Behaviour’ and what will teachers benefit from reading it
  • Debunking bad but well-intentioned advice around behaviour management
  • Key principles in implementing an effective culture in schools
  • Behaviour is a curriculum that needs to be taught rather than told
  • The differences in teaching behaviour between phases
  • Why is behaviour management such an issue for early career teachers and how do we pass down knowledge from more experienced teachers
  • The role of school culture its importance, and how we can implement a culture where impeccable behaviour is the norm
  • The importance of consistency particularly between teachers across the school
  • Some of the challenges teachers may face as a result of social distancing measures and how to potentially overcome them
  • How to get off with the best start with a new class, what sort of rules, expectations and boundaries to set
  • Should you not smile until Christmas?
  • How to effectively reboot behaviour and routines after attempts haven’t succeeded the first time round
  • How to respond to class pranks such as humming where the perpetrator isn’t always obvious
  • What to do when a pupil refuses to follow instructions 
  • Adapting rules for pupils that have special education needs or have mental health issues


Relevant links that were shared during the webinar:


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