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Group roles in PE

Collaborative learning, where pupils learn and attempt tasks in pairs or groups, can be an effective tool to support individual learning. It is important that collaborative learning opportunities are designed carefully and appropriately. While there are major benefits to group work, there are also significant risks if implemented poorly.

Benefits and dangers of group work:

table showing benefits and dangers of group work

As you watch this video of classroom practice, consider how the teacher:

  • Gives pupils specific roles to avoid the dangers of the social aspects of collaboration
  • Provides a model for pupils to activate prior knowledge ahead of their practising


Whether you’re establishing approaches for collaboration for the first time or reviewing your existing methods, take some time to reflect on what the teacher has done, how they’ve done it, what they might have done differently, and how this might influence your own practice.


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    Debbir Cummings

    The video here is the paried writing example. Do you have the PE one available please?

    Alice Kirke

    Thank you very much for flagging this – the video has now been updated.