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Make sure to have a look at the end of each article for helpful tips and links, and here are some more!


As a Chartered College member, you are entitled to 20% off the full range of popular education titles on the Routledge website.

Further discounts are available to you from:

SAGE Education

Bloomsbury Education

John Catt

Crown House

For full details of all discounts offered to members, visit this page on our main website.


Free papers

A number of helpful educational research articles and reports on a range of topics are freely available online. Below is a small selection:

Barak Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction: Research-based strategies that all teachers should know.

Wise Up: Prioritising wellbeing in schools.

‘Why don’t students like school?’ An article summary of Daniel T Willingham’s book of the same name.


All Chartered College members can access our education research database, featuring over 2,000 journal titles and ebooks. This can be accessed via our Research Access page: chartered.college/research-access.


Our Research and Practice Hub includes education book reviews, research digests, research reviews and blog posts.


Join your union

Joining a union can provide you with advice and support. There are several you could join, including:

National Education Union (NEU): www.neu.org.uk

NASUWT: www.nasuwt.org.uk

Voice: www.voicetheunion.org.uk

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