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Maximizing Cognitive Science

Bradley Busch from InnerDrive will deliver a short presentation on the importance of cognitive science research for teaching and learning, before a panel reflects and discusses what has worked well in different settings, common misunderstandings and lessons learnt to avoid misapplications.

Cat Scutt, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chartered College of Teaching

Bradley Busch, Psychologist at InnerDrive and author of ‘The Science of Learning’ and ‘Teaching & Learning Illuminated’.

Jade Pearce, Trust Development Lead, author of ‘What Every Teacher Needs to Know’

Sophie Morris, Deputy Headteacher and Key Stage 1 Lead at Ryarsh Primary School

Emma Turner, Primary School Improvement, Curriculum and Teaching & Learning Advisor. Author of ‘Initium’ and ‘The Extended Mind in Action’

Dr Nasima Riazat, curriculum leader at Pendle Vale College, co-author of ‘What Teachers Need to Know about Memory’

Full Recording Available through 1 June 2024