About this seminar

Adopting a whole school approach to supporting student’s mental health and wellbeing, such as our 5 Steps Framework, requires a coordinated approach across all staff within an education setting. Whilst there is a vast array of guidance and, more recently, training available for mental health leads in schools, there is a lack of practical guidance available for class teachers to assist them in supporting young people’s mental health.

The seminar will focus on the wide range of effective strategies to improve students’ mental health and wellbeing through everyday practices in the classroom.

We will be joined by expert panellists from the Early Intervention Foundation: Dr Aleisha Clarke, Director of Evidence, Miriam Sorgenfrei, Senior Research Officer, Jean Gross CBE, Associate, and Rahi Popat, Pastoral Support Officer at Keyham Lodge School.

The toolkit

This seminar will share a new toolkit from the Anna Freud Centre and The Early Intervention Foundation which provides guidance on practical steps teachers and other adults in secondary schools can take to promote and support mental health, through their everyday interactions with students.

The toolkit has been informed by the latest evidence on what works. It was designed with both teachers and young people to ensure that it reflects the reality of school life and the wider social context.