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Sleep and Screen Time – Pedagogy in practice

Chartered College of Teaching is delighted to have partnered with ACAMH to present a FREE online training series, ‘Pedagogy in practice’, exclusively for teachers and school leaders.

Research has shown that high-quality sleep has a positive impact on children’s mental health and their academic achievement, yet adolescents in particular may often not get enough sleep, which can negatively impact their wellbeing and performance.  The debate about screen time and its potential impact on sleep and concentration has also been well-publicised, if not always in the most balanced way.  As teachers and school leaders, it can sometimes feel hard to make an impact on these areas, as many decisions around sleep and screen-time routines are taken outside the school and within families.

Schools have an important role to play in raising students’ and teachers’ awareness about the importance of sleep and the impact of screen time on students’ wellbeing and their academic achievement.  This webinar brings together teachers from a range of settings to share how they are supporting pupils in the school to understand why good quality sleep matters and how it can be achieved, as well as key considerations about screen time and its possible effects both on sleep and more widely.

Presentations by:  Amy Sayer FCCT, Clare Erasmus FCCT and Alex McLean

Panelists: Jan Forshaw (Head of Education, Coram Life Education) and Jonathan Baggaley (CEO, PSHE Association)


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Our Presenters

Amy Sayer FCCT, Mental Health Trainer  – Amy is the author of ‘Supporting staff mental health in your school’ and has written content and articles for various educational journals and magazines such as Impact, TES, SecEd and Teach Secondary.  Having worked previously as a Mental Health Lead in schools, Amy is now a freelance mental health trainer providing workshops covering practical strategies and ideas to help support a meaningful whole school approach to mental health.  She is a coach and content writer for the DFE SMHL Award with Creative Education. She works for West Sussex Minds as a mental health trainer and content writer.

Clare Erasmus FCCT, Designated Mental Health Lead Advisor and Head of Digital Technology & Communications, Brighton Hill Community School Clare Erasmus is currently the Designated Mental Health Lead Advisor and Head of the Digital Technology & Communications Faculty at a large Secondary school in Hampshire, UK.  Together with her students she has worked with Tech companies and created a bespoke mental health and wellbeing app called “BHCS My World”.  The app won the  BETT 2019 IMPACT award for its innovation and contribution to education.  Clare has also published in May 2019 her book, The Mental Health and Wellbeing handbook for schools: Transforming mental health support on a budget.  In April 2019 she delivered a TEDx talk with her 9 year old daughter on #familymh5aday and in 2021 published The Designated Mental Health Lead Planner: A Guide and Checklist for the School Year.  This planner provides detailed guidance on what a Designated Mental Health Lead needs to do, when they need to do it, and how they can achieve the best results.

Alex McLean, Teacher of English, Beaumont School Alex trained with the Institute of Education at a school in North London where she began her teaching career.  Later, she moved to Beaumont School in St Albans to fill the position of Second in English, later Acting Head of English.  She has been involved in T&L teams, ECT programmes, and educational research for several years now, presenting across different platforms.

Dr Lisa-Maria Müller, Education Research Manager, Chartered College of Teaching – Dr Lisa-Maria Müller works on linking research and practice. She leads on the College’s research work, manages content for the member platform MyCollege and runs the Science Teacher Journal Club project. Before joining the Chartered College of Teaching, Lisa-Maria worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the Universities of Cambridge and York on two projects relating to foreign language learning. At the University of Cambridge, she was also a member of the Cambridge Bilingualism Network and contributed to research and outreach work on multilingualism which included studying the effects of a bilingual education on children’s literacy development, the co-organisation of stakeholder workshops and the co-development of a resource pack for antenatal teachers. In her PhD thesis Lisa-Maria investigated the similarities and differences between typically developing multilingualism and multilingual language disorders. She is a qualified teacher and has worked in secondary schools in Austria and England.

Jan Forshaw, Head of Education, Coram Life Education Jan began her career teaching across primary and middle schools, including senior leadership roles, in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Children’s wellbeing and mental health was always at the heart of her work as a teacher and influenced her move to children’s health and wellbeing charity Coram Life Education.  She has been Head of Education at Coram Life Education since 2009, having been Director of Training and before that an educator and senior trainer.  Jan oversees development of the diverse education programmes at Coram Life Education which include provision of high-quality education workshops in school and its acclaimed SCARF online PSHE (including statutory RSHE) curriculum.  She understands that within education the teacher’s role is crucial in helping children to thrive – socially, physically, mentally and academically – and works hard to ensure that Coram Life Education’s ethos and practices prioritise relevant, practical and timely support for teachers, alongside the provision of the highest-quality, inspiring programmes and resources that children deserve and need, to be their best.

Jonathan Baggaley, CEO, PSHE Association Jonathan is Chief Executive of the PSHE Association, leading efforts to ensure all children and young people receive high-quality PSHE education. Jonathan led the Association’s campaign for statutory PSHE, bringing together over 100 leading organisations to call for curriculum change. He is now working closely with government and wider stakeholders to ensure the new statutory requirements for Relationships, Sex and Health education achieve their transformative potential. Jonathan has worked in education at a national level for many years, bringing particular expertise in educating young people about risks, harms and opportunities of online technologies. Prior to joining the PSHE Association he was Head of Education at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (now part of the National Crime Agency).  He is currently a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety Digital Resilience group and sits on the DCMS Media Literacy Taskforce Steering Board. He is Vice Chair of the National Youth Jazz Collective. 

About the ‘Pedagogy in practice’ series

This is second in a series of FREE online events exclusively for teachers and school leaders, and offers insights into best practice in supporting children and adolescents to understand sleep and the importance of good quality sleep, as well as the potential impacts (positive and negative!) of screen time, building on the latest evidence base.  They are brought to you as part of an exciting new partnership between The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) and the Chartered College of Teaching, two charities who are dedicated to supporting teachers to make a difference to the mental wellbeing of children and young people.

These sessions are designed to help close the knowledge gap in a range of topics that now form part of the statutory Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum.  We think it is important to help equip teachers with knowledge in areas that may be less familiar to them and to help them consider how they might most effectively deliver these topics to children and adolescents as part of the curriculum.  These sessions will build on previous webinars run by ACAMH, attendees are strongly encouraged to watch back the ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions, and in particular the topic of Sleep.

The Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) is a unique multi-disciplinary organisation, and charity, established for over 60 years committed to ‘Sharing best evidence, improving practice’. For a host of free resources please visit

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