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This assessment unit is suitable for: Practising classroom teachers and middle leaders (practising school leaders should undertake the Education Research and Inquiry Certificate (Leadership) instead).

The Education Research and Inquir Certificate has been developed specifically for practising classroom teachers. The content will guide you through the process of practitioner inquiry, supporting you to plan and implement a piece of evidence-informed inquiry focused on a specific area of classroom practice. You will undertake a comprehensive literature review to support your inquiry, build your understanding of a range of research methods and approaches to analysing data, then carry out your inquiry project. 

Please note: Candidates undertaking this assessment unit will be required to discuss ethical considerations with their Headteacher and gain formal approval for their inquiry project prior to commencing.

If you are purchasing assessment units on behalf of others, you should check with them that they meet the eligibility criteria prior to purchasing. Vouchers are valid for 3 months from date of purchase.


Start date:


How long should it take to complete this assessment unit?

3-6 months

Available credits towards Chartered Status:


What does the Assessment Unit include?

As part of the supporting content for this assessment unit, you will have access to an online course that will help you to familiarise yourself with practitioner inquiry and guide you through the process of undertaking your project. You will also have access to detailed assessment guidance, exemplars and reading lists.

What does the assessment cover?

In this assessment, you are asked to identify an aspect of classroom practice that you will explore in detail as you plan and implement a small-scale inquiry project within your classroom. Your submission for assessment will involve a written report and an accompanying research poster to summarise and disseminate your findings.

What can you expect to get out of this course?

Opportunity to focus on a specific area of your classroom practice and gain recognition. Broaden your awareness of education research and become familiar with the value of practitioner inquiry.