Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice


This assessment unit is suitable for: Teachers, school leaders and others supporting teaching and teacher development (including school-based mentors and teacher educators)

The Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice will support you to explore the principles of becoming evidence-informed; where to find trustworthy research and how to navigate its use. You will be introduced to some of the key education research evidence including how pupils learn, curriculum, feedback and its implications for practice. You will also have the opportunity to engage in learning related to some key areas of educational debate before submitting an assessment response on a debate of your choice.


Start date:


How long should it take to complete this assessment unit?

Approx. 3 months.

Available credits towards Chartered Status:

10 Credits

Estimated study time:

We estimate that there are 6 hours of learning for the core content and around 6 hours of independent study needed to work towards assessment submission. Some participants may undertake further independent activity through the resources provided and as such this may increase the time spent.

What does the Certificate in Evidence-informed Practice include?

The certificate includes a variety of learning content across various research topics relevant to teaching practice. It utilises a variety of written, audio, video and interactive activities, such as quizzes, polls and discussions to support your learning

What does the assessment cover?

The assessment consists of a Written Debate Task, of around 1500 words. We will provide you with four topic areas to choose from, alongside full guidance, key reading lists and exemplars. 

You will have the opportunity to select one debate topic that holds most relevance for you and your practice or perhaps the one you feel you’d really enjoy debating!